1. If the hirer has any concerns before wearing their garment they should contact Dress To The Nines immediately.

  2. The hirer shall pay Dress To The Nines full compensation for any garments that are damaged and in need of repair.

  3. The hirer shall pay Dress To The Nines full compensation for replacement of any clothing which is not returned.

  4. If the hirer returns the dress and Dress To The Nines finds excessive makeup or fake tan stains, marks from pins or Hollywood tape, excessive smells from smoking or body odour, the hirer will be invoiced an amount deemed suitable by Dress To The Nines in order to return the dress back to its original condition.

  5. The hirer shall not alter the dress in any way- do NOT cut off the ribbon used to hang the dress or you will be charged to restore the dress to its original condition.

  6. The hirer shall return the rented garment on day 4 unless mutually agreed otherwise.  If the renter fails to return the rented garment within this time frame they will incur a $10 fee for every day passed after this.

  7. If the hirer returns the garment without the garment bag or hanger the hirer received it in a deduction of $5 for each missing item will be invoiced to the hirer.

  8. No allowance will be made for any hired garment which is claimed to have not been used.

  9. Please do not attempt to clean or partially clean the garment.  Dress To The Nines garment hire price includes cleaning the garment.

  10. The hirer shall take care around choice of jewellery, accessories, bags and rough services to avoid damaging the dress- if damaged the hirer will be charged to restore the dress to it's original condition, or if deemed unwearable hirer will be charged for cost of dress.

  11. We do not offer refunds or store credits on any pre- booked garments due to change of mind.

  12. The hirer will provide a copy of their drivers licence upon request to Dress To The Nines.

  13. No garment is booked until an upfront payment of hiring price is made.

  14. Upon hiring a garment the hirer has thereby agreed to the above terms and conditions.

  15. Dress To The Nines only hires out dresses in immaculate condition.  Upon pickup you must inspect your dress and inform Dress To The Nines of any imperfections or damage, otherwise you will be held liable and charged accordingly.